Michael J. Olds

Michael J. Olds

Michael J. Olds

July 31, 1963~March 27, 2021

Mike, Michael, Son, Dad, Husband, Uncle Buck, Friend, Brother, he carried many titles and he carried them proudly. A smile that would light up a room, strong, compassionate and loving are all words that describe Michael along with many others.

Michael didn’t have a smooth life but it was filled with love, laughter and heartache as many of our lives can be. But he carried on doing the best he could, in sometimes very tough situations.

You Michael James Olds have a place in our hearts that no one can ever take.

I will miss your smile, your laughter, your compassion, and the love you shared with all of us.

We love you Michael, fly high with the angels, no more pain, worry or hurt. Go out on the water and fish, soak up the warmth, smile and know you are missed beyond measure but we will all see you again.

Love You. -Marsha (One of 3 sisters)

Mike, you are the most wonderful, generous, darling husband, best friend, and Dad that our kids and myself could ever ask for. Thinking back at the 30 years we have spent togetherI have never regretted any moment. From our first date I knew that you were my one and only true love. From family vacations, fishing trips, camping or simple setting talking, laughing, roadtrips or just being goofy together, will never be forgotten. You are the most kind gentle man with a tremendous quirky, funny personality I’ve known. You have made me conquer my fears and made me into a stronger person. I will continue to take care of our kids and make you proud. I loved you yesterday, today, tomorrow, until eternity. You are the greatest and will be loved, cherished, missed every night and day. I love you sweetheart. I’m not saying goodbye, Just see you later.

-Karla (Wife)

To me Michael was Dad. But he was so many other things. A man who could make anything happen. I never thought there was a problem he couldn’t find a solution for. A roll of many of his friends and acquaintnances know, is the charmer or salesman. He was like a magician with his words and his smile. He loved being social and he was great at it. Another part of it was captain dad. He would fish all day everday, if he could. It’s where his soul belonged and it’s where he was in his natural element. A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work. He didn’t just say it, he believed it. A leader, when a tough decision ot task needed to be done. It was natural for him to take charge. I never felt like he was scared or apprehensive. He chose the path that he thought was right and took it. The roll I think he was born for was the roll of Dad. There are so many examples to go through but he taught his kids h0w to make the right decision even when it might not be popular. He taught us work ethic and how to think for ourselves. He lived a life that could fill 3 books but his greatest accomplishment was being a Dad. -Bruce (Son)

My bestest friend and a beyond perfect Dad. Dad, you are the most faithful, selfless, trustworthy, hilarious and open hearted man I have ever met. Dad never failed to express that his kids were his pride and joy, as he is mine.  He was an amazing father to me and never went a day without letting me know how much he loved me. He was always my shoulder to cry on, and someone you could count on regardless of the situation. Dad was someone who would not judge you, but instead do everything he could to help you. He always took care of everyone before he took care of himself. He never gave up, and made the most out of every situation he faced. Dad always put his family first and he made sure everyone knew that. Dad was the greatest father as he never lied to me, nor ever failed me. He is my rock and has and will always be with me. He prepared me from the time I was little that he will not always be here one day, but that he will always be in my heart. He made sure he raised a strong independent woman that was prepared the best you could be for life. Dad strived to make someone’s day, everyday. He loved making people laugh and being surrounded by family and friends. He was a strong man who had the toughest life but the softest heart. He never let his past define him, instead he embraced it and owned it. He never was ashamed of who he was, and gave everything he had to offer. His family was his pride and joy and he wore his heart on his sleeve. My dad loved to fish and spend any of his free time with his family and on the water. His passion for the ocean and fishing is unforgettable and beautiful. That was his own little slice of heaven where he could clear his mind and enjoy the littlest things in life. Dad never asked for much. All he ever wanted was to be one with the ocean and to be surrounded with the ones he loved the most. Life is too short, and too precious to not spend everyday happy, thankful and striving to make the most out of the day. Dad never gave up on God, and always taught me to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. From your worst days to your best days, he taught me to always pray to God and be thankful for every situation as it made us into the people we are. We may not always know the reason why, but God does what is best for us individually. Dad never once second guessed God, nor his love for him. He has always been eager to walk the golden road as he would get to meet with his past loved ones again. Dad always went to God and never let anything get in the way of his relationship with God. Dad is the strongest man I know. He has been through probably 3 life times of events all within 57 short years. He always got back up, no matter how hard life got. He stayed strong and fought battles everyday but never lost sight of God and his family. He always thought 3 steps ahead before his feet left the ground. Dad never let his kids forget how strong we were and how loved. He always let me know that I am never alone, and that he will always be by my side. He supported me in everything I did and believed I could be anything. Dad never doubted me once and pushed me to become the best person I could become, everyday. I am going to miss him making jokes and laughing till his face turned red. He was the light of the room, and someone you could always turn to. He was the happiest person I knew, and never failed to amaze me. Words truly do not describe how amazing of a person you are. I love  you more than life itself, and you will be forever with me. I will never let your legacy die. Love always, Forever Your little Girl

P.s Don’t let the bed bugs bite

– Morgan (Daughter)

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